Development I-CUE

DEVELOPMENT I-CUE (Innovative Conceptual Urban Environments) is a specialized feasibility study and due diligence service DREAM Collaborative provides to clients who are either in negotiations to purchase property or who have just recently purchased property. From the very beginning we partner with our clients to develop a compelling and competitive vision and a development strategy that meets both their business goals and best serves the community and environment.

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Typically, during the acquisition phase of a project, we assess the feasibility of various design schemes in order to best meet the project vision, client’s mission, and financial and schedule goals. Prior to moving into full design services, as part of Development I-CUE, we also assess temporary uses of the building prior to full scale construction and assist in developing construction budgets and phasing plans.

DREAM Collaborative is currently performing Development I-CUE services to renovate and expand a recently acquired 24,000 sf garage building on Washington Street in Dorchester, MA.

Our services began at the first viewing of the building with our client and their realtor and continued through each stage of the purchase.

DREAM Collaborative will continue on to provide full architectural and community engagement services to satisfy the project goals. The existing building will be converted into an Innovation Center and collaborative working space. Two to three new floors will be added, bringing the total square footage to between 50,000 sf – 70,000 sf. The building will be designed to LEED Platinum certifiable standards or better. Located just a five minute walk from the new Four Corners/Geneva MBTA station along the Fairmount/Indigo Corridor, and the building will serve as a catalyst for the revitalization of the Washington Street Corridor in Dorchester. The goals of the project are to:

  • Develop a beautiful and self-supporting “green building” showcase and destination.
  • Create a community venue for connection, asset creation, healing, education & neighborhood stabilization.
  • Foster a process that models holistic, community-driven development and project-based policy making.
  • Build bridges between the innovation, knowledge, and creative economies for inner City residents.
  • Be a hub for cross-sector networks, collaborations, and action – as well as a home for mission-aligned nonprofits and social enterprises.