DREAM Development

As architects, DREAM Collaborative have been bringing innovative, high quality design and redevelopment strategy to the local level to build stronger communities since 2008. As developers, we can execute more effectively on the redevelopment part of that mission.

DREAM Development is focused on redevelopment with an emphasis on single family and mixed-use, mixed-income residential within the gateway neighborhoods south of downtown Boston and other hotbeds for urban redevelopment including the Merrimack Valley.

We have advanced training in infrastructure planning and a proven track record of successfully navigating the challenges and nuances of redevelopment opportunities within densely populated, historically significant, and culturally diverse city neighborhoods. We know how to engage community members and work with local officials to get projects moving and keep them on track while respecting the needs of multiple stakeholders.

We are already engaged as architects in the neighborhoods we serve. Since we are in touch with the community’s vision for its own future, we can save time during the permitting phases, efficiently blending our vision with that of the community to reach consensus quicker. We can also anticipate any regulatory challenges that could slow down a project from both a development and design perspective.

kin: one’s relative, collectively

24 Westminster

Our first venture as DREAM Development is an entry for the DND’s Housing Innovation Competition for the redevelopment of 24 Westminster Avenue in Roxbury. The challenge was to create a model for compact, affordable housing that is adaptable to different sites throughout the City.

Our entry, a finalist for the 24 Westminster site, is called kinLiving and focuses on home ownership for equity building, multi-generational possibilities, and sustainable design for building a stronger community.

As Boston continues to thrive economically, many families are being priced out of the city’s vibrant neighborhoods. Finding creative ways of squeezing in additional housing in existing neighborhoods, in a way that adds to the character of the neighborhood, is a key part of housing the various demographics that make up our great city.

With this project, Dream Collaborative explores the idea of multi-family compact housing that is affordable, flexible, and sustainable, and can be replicated to fit the various infill sites around the city.

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