Our clients dream of creating a better place to live, work, or invest. Bringing those dreams to life in the form of healthy, well-functioning buildings and vastly improved neighborhoods is what we do. We do that through a collaborative approach that harnesses the passion and creativity of our clients and the wisdom of the community. Our clients include developers, CDCs (community development corporations), non-profits, private companies, public entities, and universities.

Our key service areas include the following:


We take your brilliant idea and translate it into an attractive and superbly functioning building.

We are nimble, accessible, and personally involved in all of our design projects. We take pride in truly listening to our clients and responding with exceptional designs that are beautiful, contextual, and practical.

  • Programming
  • Research
  • Site Analysis
  • Budget Development
  • Zoning Process Assistance
  • Existing Conditions Documentation
  • 3-D Rendering
  • Accessibility Compliance
  • Sustainable Building Design
  • Code Compliance
  • Construction Documentation Drawings
  • Construction Documentation Specifications
  • Contract Administration
  • Space Planning
  • Condo documentation


We design healthy, flexible buildings that meet your short and long term goals and minimize operational costs.

Building projects offer many opportunities for sustainability and high efficiency from design to materials to systems. We can advise you on practical ways to make your space more durable and energy efficient to save money on future operational costs. Some options are as simple as window placement for optimal daylight and others are highly complex like geothermal heating and cooling systems. We can help you decide which options are right for you. If you are interested in the LEED certification program, we can manage that process for you. We are also skilled at designing for flexibility to accommodate future changes in use which will save money and time on renovations, extend a building’s longevity, and increase your return on investment.usgbc_member_logo

  • Sustainable Design
  • LEED Certification Project Management
  • City of Boston Article 37/80 Green Building Compliance
  • Energy & Daylight Performance Analysis and Modeling
  • Photo Voltaic System Design


We add value to your urban development opportunities.

We have advanced training in infrastructure planning and a proven track record of successfully navigating the challenges and nuances of redevelopment opportunities within densely populated, historically significant, and culturally diverse city neighborhoods. We know how to engage community members and work with local officials to get projects moving and keep them on track while respecting the needs of multiple stakeholders. We are available to join your team at any point in the process but encourage you to call us early so we can contribute to your best outcome.

  • Master Planning
  • Planning and Development Feasibility Studies
  • Site Selection
  • Zoning / Building Code
  • Community Engagement Strategy

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