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Our Needs and Options Review allows you to start an exploration designed to precisely understand your requirements and potential challenges, and then gives you findings and recommendations, a plan to move forward, a timeline and rough order of cost. A surgeon wouldn’t operate without a proper diagnosis; our low-cost Needs and Options Review works in the same way.

Needs and Options Review

Part A:  On-Site Consultation

  • On-site meeting with a registered architect to discuss the project and provide expert opinion
  • Clarify project goals, program requirements, and challenges
  • Discuss potential high level design solutions
  • Discuss potential high level construction phasing and budget
  • Site and/or building walk-through and preliminary assessment
  • Produce an outline brief summarizing the project objective, site observations, feasibility, and a high level design strategy
  • Follow-up call to discuss outline brief

Part B:  Pre-Design Analysis 

  • Zoning chart
  • Concept sketch
  • Building analysis
  • Coordinate with General Contractor to develop cost estimates / budget development (high level)
  • Coordinate with General Contractor to develop a design and construction schedule (high level)
  • Produce a report containing the above information
  • Produce Scope of Services and Fee Proposal for the next phases of the project.
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