41 Regent Street Development

Roxbury, MA –

The proposed development will combine two adjacent lots, vacant for a number of years, and turn them into a positive addition to the neighborhood.

This project proposes to develop a multi-family residential building on the 41 Regent Street parcel, which is owned by the Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA), and the abutting 64 Alpine Street, owned by Darryl Settles. Designed by DREAM Collaborative, the building will be comprised of six (6) two bedroom and three (3) one bedroom condominiums with shared parking and bicycle storage facilities, as well as an outdoor roof terrace amenity area with clear views to downtown Boston.

The development of 41 Regent Street and 64 Alpine Street includes housing creation, urban design improvements, job opportunities and additional tax revenue.

By redeveloping an underutilized and challenging parcel of land, the proposed project will substantially contribute to improving the pedestrian and neighborhood vitality, as well as the urban design and architectural character of the area.

Client:  CVJC LLC (a partnership between Catalyst Ventures and JaneyCo).