Dudley Square Redevelopment

Roxbury, MA –

The goal was to craft an urban design strategy and building intervention that both re-establishes the southern edge of the Dudley Square Commercial District and reintegrates this edge into the district as a whole.

The resulting design explores the aspirations of the Roxbury community, and takes advantage of the site location in Dudley Square, as well as the large number of commuters that traverse the area on a daily basis. A new pedestrian plaza creates a gateway to the area and is anchored by a small business incubator building to the east and a larger commercial office building to the west linked by a glass bridge. Retail space at the base of each building brings much needed employment opportunities and pedestrian traffic to the area. The design addressed important issues including parking, and integrated existing streets and pedestrian patterns.

Client: Boston Redevelopment Authority

Services: Master Planning, Urban Design, Architecture, Sustainable Design