Kindergarten Architects – Start them young!

June 15, 2018 –

At DREAM, we are committed to making architecture more accessible and more inclusive. That involves bringing the field to the attention of children and helping them realize their own potential to shape their future and their communities. Earlier this year, DREAM founding principals Gregory Minott and Troy Depeiza visited a Lowell kindergarten class to teach the students about what architects do and share some of the tools designers and planners use. The kids had a blast using virtual reality glasses to tour the inside and outside of a building, built and painted model houses, and checked out a 3D pop-up architecture book. They were encouraged to think critically about their city and about how they could make it an even better place to grow up. Using the concepts they learned about, including planning before you build, the class came up with a concept to redevelop a vacant lot near their school and create a new neighborhood fun park.