Mixed Use Multifamily – Parcel U

Jamaica Plain, MA –

As communities build more densely, multifamily housing plays an important role in supporting sustainable neighborhood growth. At Parcel U, we are developing sustainable building solutions that respond effectively to our client’s needs and budget, as well as to the surrounding context, culture, and climate. The proposal for Parcel U consists of 120 residential units, 130 parking spaces, approximately 10,000 sf of retail, and additional space for community use.

The design intent is to situate the largest of three proposed building types nearest to the Forest Hills train station, and gradually reduce the scale of the buildings as the proximity to the station decreases. The largest building, closest to Forest Hill station, will house rental apartments and is seen as an extension of the mixed-use development that characterizes the area surrounding the station. To this end, there is a retail base and also a pocket park on the South side of the building. The middle part of the site consists of 36 units of condominiums in four-story townhouses. The smallest building type consists of three-story townhouses placed furthest away from the station which relate in scale to the existing single and multi-family houses in the neighborhood.

Client:  Urbanica Inc.

Services:  Architecture