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Affordable Housing Development

75-81 Dudley Street


24,000 sf


Roxbury MA

Project type

Mixed-use & Housing


Madision Park Development Corporation

Project Overview

75-81 Dudley Street is the sister project of 2451 Washington Street, sharing the same development and design team. The project completes the infill of the site and serves as a portal to the John Eliot Square neighborhood in Roxbury.

The proposed program includes 20 residential units located on the upper three floors, all of which will be affordable. The housing program provides affordable first-time home ownership opportunities and accommodates a range of family income and size.

Similar to 2451 Washington Street, 75 Dudley adopts the same brick or masonry base as its sister project, and also applies the use of fiber cement panels. To add warmth to these materials, copper colored metal panels are applied to the entry points and balconies.

A central 1,500 sf outdoor space flanked by both 75 Dudley and 2451Washington will provide a connected and landscaped open space for residents of both buildings to enjoy. This landscaped outdoor area is intended for residents to use in private or as a group, and is connected directly to the indoor community space.

Key Features

  • Affordable homeownership opportunities
  • An active live/work/play environment