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1284 Soldiers Field Road

QuEra Computing Headquarters


Allston MA


Hemenway Construction Management (HCM)


6,000 sf

Project type

Science & Technology

Building the world’s first neutral-atom Quantum Data Center was not a trivial task. Lucky for us, DREAM was up to the challenge! It was a pleasure to work with this professional, courteous and resourceful group.

Thanos Pantazis

President, QuEra Computing Inc.

DREAM Collaborative is currently providing full architectural design services for the new headquarters of QuEra Computing at 1284 Soldiers Field Road to include both lab and office space. Founded by researchers at Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the 6,000 sf space for this start up company will be located at the nexus of a quickly transforming corridor.

QuEra is a neutral-atom-based quantum computing startup on a mission to bring quantum computing from promise to reality and, in doing so, tackle useful but classically intractable problems for commercially relevant applications in optimization, simulation, materials science, pharmaceuticals, and more. Employees desired a headquarters that accommodates their need to collaborate on pioneering technology with an open work environment that fosters spontaneous exchanges and brainstorming. The new air-tight lab space has been designed to allow for flexibility across multiple disciplines including physics, materials science and chemistry and allows for adaptability as technology and employee needs change over time. The welcoming environment offers daylit space, with light reaching deep into all work areas. The lab space is located in close proximity to private offices, which allow for synergy between research and private meetings activities.

This new headquarters will create a dynamic new home for QuEra employees where they can think, investigate and create as they write the next chapter for this incredible startup.