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2024 Board Appointments

The DREAM team is comprised of passionate designers who have strong ambitions to better their communities and our environments. We’re proud to share recent board appointments where our team members can implement their expertise and dedication with aligned organizations.


Recently, DREAM Principal Troy Depeiza has been appointed to the Board of Builder’s of Color Coalition. In this role, Troy will support the BCC as they increase access and diversity in Boston’s commercial real estate sector to promote the economic well-being of minority businesses and the communities we serve. Troy is excited to continue his personal and professional initiatives to encourage and bolster minority involvement in the built environment.

Senior Project Architect Thea Massouh has been appointed to the Board of Boston Preservation Alliance. Thea will be supporting the Alliance in advocating for and empowering Bostonians to play an active role in preserving the places and stories that are important to our history. Thea is looking forward to continuing her efforts in making historic spaces benefit the wider community and enabling innovative and sustainable solutions.