DREAM Collabortive offers a full range of design services to assist clients with every project phase. From determining a project’s feasibility in Pre-Design through Construction Administration and everything in between, we are proud to bring creative, contextual, and practical solutions to every design challenge.


  • Pre-Design

  • Architecture

  • Interiors

  • Sustainability

  • Feasibility & Test Fit Studies

    Understanding a site’s capacity for building in order to inform program components, project size, and development of a budget.

    Due Diligence Surveys

    Confirming all the existing conditions and components needed to be taken into consideration to inform the feasiblity of a design direction.

    Permitting Support

    Documentation and additional services that contribute to timely permitting approvals by various pubic agencies.

    Existing Conditions Documentation

    Comprehensive observation and documentation of a building or space through building plans and elevations.

    Site Analysis / Selection

    Analysis of the pros and cons of a given site (or several sites for comparison) prior to the planning of a project.

    Programming / Space Planning

    Identifying and developing all the uses needed within a project, determining space requirements for each use, and best arrangement of uses within a space.

    Budget Development

    Understanding the all costs pertaining to the execution of aproject: soft costs (design and engineering), cost of the property, and construction costs.
  • Full Architectural Services

    Soup to nuts:  from programming to project close-out.

    Architect of Record

    The licensed professional with juristiction and ultimate responsiblity for the execution of a project.

    Conceptual Design

    Early phase of the design process, in which the broad outlines of function and form are articulated through sketches and models.

    Schematic Design

    Schematic is where we figure out how the building will look and function. This phase involves precedent research, analysis including zoning and building code issues, space planning, and lots of sketching, modeling, and client meetings.

    Design Development

    Further development of design documents and coordination of the systems and specifications dimensionally in concert with the consultants drawings.

    Construction Documents

    Fully detailed documents and specifications used to establish a construction cost estimate, attain the building permit, and to guide the construction.

    Adaptive Reuse / Restoration

    Bring an existing building – whatever its condition – into working order for a new or improved usage. May involve system upgrades, interior finishes, envelope repairs, reconfiguring the layout, or all of the above.

    Master Planning

    Creating “place” through thoughtful organization of buildings, landscape, and circulation.

    Unit Design & Layout

    Balancing efficiency and quality of life to create places people want to live within a well-functioning and safe configuration.

    3D Rendering / Visualization

    See your project come to life long before ground is broken. Quality visualization saves time and resources, allowing for faster funding, approvals, and community buy-in.
  • Interior Architecture & Design

    From relocation of walls to materials, lighting, and furniture selection, interior architects and designers are on it!

    Programming / Space Planning

    Identifying and developing all the uses needed within a project, determining space requirements for each use, and best arrangement of uses within a space.
  • Integrated Sustainable Design

    Every project presents sustainable design opportunities. Even if a project will not pursue any certification, there are always  opportunities for sustainability within the design process and material and systems selection. Our goal is always to create healthy, energy efficient buildings and interior spaces.

    City of Boston Article 37/80

    Preparing the documentation required for approvals related to Boston Zoning Codes for Green Building and Climate Resiliency and review of a project’s impacts on transportation, public realm, the environment, and historic resources.

    LEED Certification Project Management

    Management of the LEED process, ensuring all documentation and protocol is being upheld to satisfy the requirements for the project’s LEED goal.


From townhomes to towers, we bring thoughtful building and unit design to new affordable and market rate homes.


Whether a corporate headquarters, a co-working office space, or a classroom: collaboration needs a basecamp.

Commercial Mixed-Use

Where connections are made, between work, play, home and the services that support it all.

Institutional / Public

Designing for city and state agencies, universities, and neighborhood anchors to support thriving communities.

Meet the Team

The DREAM Team brings a diversity of backgrounds, perspectives, and expertise to each project. Meet the people who make DREAM so special.


Moving Forward in the Age of COVID-19

During these times of extraordinary disruption, DREAM Collaborative remains steadfast in our belief that architecture should work toward the Greater Good. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, lines have been blurred and we’re seeing opportunities all around us to reimagine the way we live, work, and organize our society and our spaces. We are honored to play a part in the transition toward a renewed society that prioritizes well-being, equity, and innovation.

As partners, we’re bringing our curiosity and the diversity of our perspectives to conversations about how design and development will need to evolve in a post-COVID world. We’re convening panel discussions and reaching out to other minority and women-owned businesses to brainstorm solutions to the unique and compounded challenges we face. Most importantly, we’re committed to providing the highest level of service and support to our valued clients and partners in the community, who we know are also being pushed to the limits of their resources and ingenuity in order to thrive in this historic moment.