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Multi-Generational Housing

24 Westminster Avenue


Roxbury MA


DREAM Development

Project type

DREAM Development

These new multi-generational homes will support independent but connected living for individuals and families.

Greg Minott

Managing Principal, DREAM Collaborative

DREAM is both developer and architect for this new multi-generational housing project on a formerly vacant lot. We led the entitlements and community engagement components of the project, managed the design and construction team and assembled the project financing/investment.

The project provides 12 new units of housing: (6) 1- bedroom units and (6) 3-Bedroom units. 10 units will be market rate and 2 units will be affordable at 80% AMI and 100% AMI. Our flexible design introduces a multi-generational housing concept that supports equity building for a stronger urban community. These environmentally friendly homes and workplaces will support independent but connected living for individuals and families in urban neighborhoods. There is also a significant opportunity to roll out this multi-generational housing concept across the City to support the different needs of families. Construction is expected to commence in early 2024.