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Housing Typologies & Zoning Recommendations

Mattapan ADU Test Fits


Mattapan MA


Boston Planning and Development Agency

Completion Date


Project type

Urban Design & Planning

Focusing on Boston’s Mattapan neighborhood, DREAM Collaborative helped BPDA test and refine their Additional Dwelling Unit (ADU) policy and update their small-scale residential zoning districts to support infill housing.

ADUs can boost housing supply without major changes to neighborhood character. For homeowners, ADUs can provide important alternative housing for extended family, an additional source of income, and even offer wealth-building potential. However, zoning must be carefully considered in order to reduce the risk of displacement and gentrification.

DREAM evaluated a large array of ADU typologies and lot size combinations. Considering the placement and scale of new ADUs, DREAM helped vet emergency access requirements and recommended refinements to zoning parameters.