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Cambridge Housing Rehab

22-24 Magazine Street


Cambridge MA


MIT Investment Management Co.


20,000 sf

Project type

Mixed-use & Housing

22-24 Magazine St. creates a modern and economical housing option with a built-in community.

Greg Minott

Managing Principal, DREAM Collaborative

DREAM provided full architectural services to MITIMCo (MIT Investment Management Company) for the renovation of 22-24 Magazine Street in Central Square, Cambridge. The 20,000 sf, four-story walk-up apartment building had suffered significant fire damage.

The renovation creates a new and efficient floor plan with 12 three- to four-bedroom units with an average size of 1,400 sf. The co-living apartments offer private bedrooms with a shared living area, which creates both a communal living experience and an economical housing option. The exterior design is respectful of the scale and context of the surrounding neighborhood.