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Reuse & Redevelopment Plan

Taunton Alms House Concept Plans


Taunton, MA



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Project type

Urban Design & Planning

DREAM Collaborative was super creative in developing community outreach strategies, while having excellent project management skills – always anticipating the next step. Their multidisciplinary approach was extremely helpful on issues ranging from policy to site design.

Kathryn Madden

Madden Planning Group

Conceptual site planning and massing scenarios to explore potential at a vacant city-owned “alms house” estate, with a focus on much-needed housing as well as enhanced pedestrian connectivity.

DREAM worked with the Madden Planning Group and the City of Taunton to explore redevelopment options for a six-acre site with a vacant 36,000 SF historic alms house / nursing home. DREAM explored several scenarios for reusing the existing building for senior or veteran housing, adding new residences elsewhere on site, and improving public amenities to benefit the wider community. Several concepts were presented and vetted at a well-attended public workshop, helping lend public support for new housing. The public was most energized by the idea that new development would provide the means for formal pedestrian connections to adjacent residential neighborhoods, schools, and athletic facilities as well as enhanced open space amenities including community gardens, lawn areas, and forest and meadow landscapes.