Real Estate Development

DREAM Collaborative’s development arm, DREAM Development, is focused on high-impact, community-focused development projects in Boston and other gateway cities. Our projects contribute to the vitality of the local economy and provide opportunities for businesses and residents.

Our clients, for whom we provide services as architects, have found synergies with our development arm by presenting us with opportunities to invest in their large-scale development projects. Our development arm is the conduit through which these investments are made.

Our first development venture is the winning entry for the DND’s Housing Innovation Competition for the redevelopment of 24 Westminster Avenue in Roxbury. The challenge was to create a sustainable model for compact, mixed-income housing that is adaptable to different sites throughout the City. Our design introduces a multi-generational housing concept supporting equity building for a stronger urban community.

We have advanced training in infrastructure planning and a proven track record of successfully navigating the challenges and nuances of redevelopment opportunities within densely populated, historically significant, and culturally diverse city neighborhoods. We know how to engage community members and work with local officials to get projects moving and keep them on track while respecting the needs of multiple stakeholders.

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