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Passive House Affordable Housing

LeClair Village


Mashpee MA


Preservation of Affordable Housing, Housing Assistance Corporation Cape Cod

Completion Date


Project type

Mixed-use & Housing

DREAM Collaborative is providing full architectural services for LeClair Village in the town of Mashpee on Cape Cod. The project, currently under construction, will create 39 units of affordable housing. LeClair Village consists of three separate structures, creating a family community: a two-story, 12-unit building; a three-story, 23-unit building; and a townhouse-style building with four units.

LeClair Village is pre-design certified under the strict Passive House Institute of the US (PHIUS) standard. The enclosure is designed to be air-tight and super thermal performing with mechanized ventilation, which will provide excellent air quality and thermal comfort to the residents. Each building will also include a rooftop solar array and EV car charging stations.

Construction on LeClair Village will be completed by Summer 2024. This project will represent an 11% increase in the town’s affordable housing stock – a significant boost in a high-cost market.