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Site Plan & Massing Concepts

Seeley Lot Reuse & Revitalization Study


Taunton MA



Completion Date


Project type

Urban Design & Planning

As part of our house doctor contract with MassDevelopment, DREAM Collaborative helped the City of Taunton explore different redevelopment scenarios for a key site downtown, the Seeley lot. Working closely with the City’s Office of Economic & Community Development, we evaluated existing conditions and the implications of current zoning, and prepared two conceptual massing studies. 

The Seeley lot, formerly home to a mixed-use building, has been vacant since a 2004 arson fire. The City acquired the property right after and is looking to redevelop it along with two adjacent buildings for future mixed-use development. DREAM helped the City articulate a vision for the proposed reuse of the site that is expected to provide numerous benefits to the neighborhood, including the development of long-vacant parcels, bringing much-needed vitality and retail options to the downtown community.