Press: Boston Business Journal

January 20, 2017 –

DREAM’s managing principal, Gregory Minott, was the subject of the Boston Business Journal’s Executive Profile in last weeks paper. Greg was specifically recognized for his leadership, humility, and world view on redevelopment in the City of Boston.

Age: 40

Education: Bachelor’s degree, architecture Caribbean School of Architecture, 1997; master’s degree, architecture and infrastructure planning, New Jersey Institute of Technology, 2002

Residence: Andover

Greatest professional challenge

‘I’m from Jamaica so people in Boston don’t always know what to make of me at first. Making inroads with new clients can be especially challenging, but our reputation is strong because there are benefits to being different: I bring a world view to the city’s redevelopment challenges and opportunities.’

Greg Minott has big dreams for his DREAM Collaborative LLC.

Ideally, he’d love to see his 10-employee Boston architecture firm become a Fortune 500 company one day. Realistically, he’ll settle for 50 employees within five years, as he expands his architecture business and possibly ventures into full-scale project developments.

“We see ourselves as more than architects,” said Minott, managing principal at DREAM. “We really see an opportunity here in Boston. We’d still provide services for clients, but maybe start partnering with clients too.”

If that comes to pass, it would be an American dream come true for DREAM and its two immigrant founders, Minott, a native of Jamaica, and Troy Depeiza, a native of Barbados. Both Minott and Depeiza are former architects at one of the city’s most prestigious and prosperous architecture firms, Elkus Manfredi.

Since striking out on their own by forming DREAM in 2008, Minott and Depeiza have established themselves as one of the top up-and-coming architecture firms in Boston.

Among its clients have been the Whittier Street Health Center, Boston Housing Authority, Preservation of Affordable Housing and, most recently, Millennium Partners and its lead architect, Handel Architects, on the envisioned new tower at 115 Winthrop Square, now the site of a closed city-owned garage.

DREAM has also maintained a close consulting relationship with Elkus Manfredi and other firms on projects such as the renovation of the art-deco Verizon building in Boston’s Post Office Square.

To Depeiza, Minott’s greatest strength is conveying to employees where he wants to take the firm — and he’s not thinking small.

“Greg has the ability to share a vision and make it accessible for the entire team to grasp, and the ability to conceive smart solutions under pressure,” said Depeiza. “Greg is a humble leader focused on self-improvement and helping others grow and realize their God-given potential.”

Growing up in Mandeville, north of Jamaica’s capital city of Kingston, Minott says he can trace his love for architecture both to his father, a chemical engineer, and his mother, who worked in residential and commercial real estate.

With his father, he once helped design and build the family’s home in Mandeville, driving around neighborhoods and looking at other homes for ideas they’d like to incorporate into their own house. “We’d say, ‘Hey, that place had an interesting archway and porches. What do you think of that?’ I really got to dream what would go into the house.”

With his mother, he’d often accompany her as she toured homes for possible sales and purchases, further instilling in him a love for design.

So it wasn’t a surprise that he was drawn to technical drawing, art and even physics, later attending the Caribbean School of Architecture, where his thesis was on how his “very scenic” middle-class hometown, Mandeville, and how over-development was threatening its charm.

When not working, Minott said he likes mountain biking, playing tennis, kayaking and just hanging out with his two sons, ages 7 and 4. He also loves traveling back to Jamaica to see family and friends.