Dixwell Plaza Redevelopment

Office Dixwell Rendering

New Haven, CT

DREAM Collaborative and Stull + Lee have been engaged to develop and test conceptual programming and planning scenarios for Dixwell Plaza, which has led to the delivery of a master plan. This redevelopment seeks to revitalize a key piece of a historic center of African-American economic, cultural, and religious life in New Haven.

Overall, the project will engage the neighborhood’s pride, history, industry, and talents to transform this historic center. Dixwell Plaza Redevelopment will support local enterprises and community needs by creating a flexible center that will create a wide job mix, from retail to highly skilled positions.

Dixwell Plaza is a 7.5 acre site that can support over 380,000 sf of development for ConnCORP, who plans to use the location as their new corporate headquarters. The Plaza will also be the home to ConnCAT, their umbrella nonprofit, who will further its mission of inspiring creativity and personal development by hosting youth and adult entrepreneurial and culinary arts programs.

Client: RJ Development + Advisors, ConnCORP, LLC

UMass Boston Bayside Development Site


Boston, MA –

DREAM Collaborative and Stantec have been engaged to provide site analysis, urban design, masterplanning, and permitting for the former Bayside Expo Center site at Columbia Point. The mixed-use site envisions residential, academic, office/lab, and retail components to create a vibrant 24/7 community. The site’s proximity to downtown Boston, readily available public transit, and nearby waterfront access combine to envision a destination where a diverse community lives, learns, and thrives.

The new planned neighborhood would consist of approximately 3.5 million sf of new mixed-use development over 20 acres. Extensive community benefits will potentially include public parking, a boardwalk with connections to the existing Harborwalk and Dorchester Shores Reservation, and 35,400 sf of hardscape to include a retail pavilion/multi-cultural center.

Client: Accordia Partners

2147 Washington Street

Roxbury, MA –

The DREAM Collaborative and New Atlantic Development team was selected to redevelop 2147 Washington Street in Dudley Square. The new 6-story building will create an active live/work/play environment that encourages community engagement with daytime and evening activity. Project highlights include:

  • Housing without displacement
  • 74 new residential units (95% affordable) with live/work opportunities for creative professionals
  • Elevation of the community through economic development
  • Inclusion of Haley House as a significant formal partner
  • 1,413 square feet of affordable retail/commercial space
  • Supporting local artists and entrepreneurs through 7 individual work-only studios and 1,224 sf shared workspace
  • Robust community participation
DREAM Collaborative and New Atlantic Development bring an unparalleled commitment to the social and economic vitality of Roxbury community.

The design will create affordable home ownership and rental units to support the continuing revitalization of Dudley Square; encourage working artists and entrepreneurship; provide a welcoming building that respects the architectural character of its neighbors; and incorporates the needs and desires of the non-profit Haley House to ensure its future success and growth. The ground floor of the building will include 7 individual work-only studio spaces as well as 1,246 sf of shared workspace, which fosters accessibility and equitable opportunity to people of all socioeconomic backgrounds. 1,400 sf of flexible retail/commercial space also on the ground floor could provide performance space, a gallery or a restaurant/bar.

Active courtyard connecting cafe guests, residents, and working artists.

2147 Washington will contribute to the continued development of a strong and united Roxbury at “the Heart of the City” by creating affordable housing and artist live/work spaces, boosting economic development, and providing job opportunities for residents.

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Dudley Commercial Competition

Roxbury, MA

DREAM Collaborative participated in the design competition for a mixed-use development aimed at the revitalization of Dudley Square in Roxbury. The lively 387,300 sf mixed-use development provides 196 new units of mixed-income residential, 20,000 sf of retail space, 63,500 sf of office space, 18,000 sf of public open space for the community to enjoy, 47,000 sf of private open space for building residents and tenants, and 404 parking spaces.

The base of the buildings includes a combination of entertainment, retail and commercial uses to provide both daytime and evening destinations. The upper levels of the buildings is a mix of housing and commercial uses that creates new homes and job opportunities for area residents.

We Moved!

On February 4, DREAM Collaborative relocated to 501 Boylston Street. Our new office space is on the 10th floor at WeWork. Our design work and client service will continue uninterrupted. We look forward to continuing to grow and build strong relationships from our new home!

DREAM + Rosie’s Place

November 30, 2018 –

DREAM Team members had a blast supporting the amazing staff at Rosie’s Place by prepping, cooking, serving, and cleaning up after a delicious meal that served about 100 poor and homeless women and children. We are honored to support the incredible work they do at Rosie’s. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Rosie’s Place and other organizations that have such a direct and meaningful impact on our community.

64 Alpine Street

Roxbury, MA –

DREAM Collaborative is currently providing design services for 14 condominium-style units at 64 Alpine Street in Roxbury. The project involves the development of  two adjacent vacant lots that will be converted into a positive addition to the neighborhood.

The project includes 8 assigned parking spaces and bicycle storage facilities, as well as an outdoor roof terrace amenity area with clear views to downtown Boston. The units will include a mix of 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom units, including two affordable 1-bedroom units.

By redeveloping an underutilized and challenging parcel of land, the project will substantially contribute to improving the pedestrian and neighborhood vitality, as well as the urban design and architectural character of the area.

Key Features

  • Urban redevelopment
  • Mixed-income housing
  • Article 80 small project

(a partnership between Catalyst Ventures and Janey Construction)

Completion Date

$4 million

Kindergarten Architects – Start them young!

June 15, 2018 –

At DREAM, we are committed to making architecture more accessible and more inclusive. That involves bringing the field to the attention of children and helping them realize their own potential to shape their future and their communities. Earlier this year, DREAM founding principals Gregory Minott and Troy Depeiza visited a Lowell kindergarten class to teach the students about what architects do and share some of the tools designers and planners use. The kids had a blast using virtual reality glasses to tour the inside and outside of a building, built and painted model houses, and checked out a 3D pop-up architecture book. They were encouraged to think critically about their city and about how they could make it an even better place to grow up. Using the concepts they learned about, including planning before you build, the class came up with a concept to redevelop a vacant lot near their school and create a new neighborhood fun park.


“Equitable Boston” Panel

“Boston is in a uniquely powerful position to make our city more affordable, equitable, connected, and resilient.” – Imagine Boston 2030, May 2017

April 9, 2018 –

Equitable Boston: Design, Development and Access to Opportunity

Using the Imagine Boston 2030 goals as a framework, panelists from the planning, design and development community addressed how the City’s vision for the future can be achieved using more inclusive and equitable practices to shape the built environment. Together with the City, we have the chance to impact economic opportunity for all residents, attract and retain a more diverse workforce, and create a stronger, more inclusive future for Boston. Presented by DREAM Collaborative and the Boston Society of Architects/AIA. 

Couldn’t make it to the event? Check out the video on WGBH’s Forum Network.


  • Kenneth Turner, Director of Diversity & Inclusion/Compliance at Massport
  • Kathy MacNeil, Principal at MP Boston
  • Gregory Minott AIA, Managing Principal at DREAM Collaborative and BSA Vice President for Practice
  • Natalia Urtubey, Executive Director of Imagine Boston 2030
  • Andrew Tarsy, Principal at Emblem Strategic
  • Richard Taylor, Chairman of Taylor Smith Development

Date & Location
Monday, April 9th
Hibernian Hall
184 Dudley Street 
Boston, MA 02119

Brittany Ran the Marathon!

DREAM job captain Brittany Morgan ran the 2018 Boston Marathon and she’s raised money for a great charity, Girls on the Run (GOTR). Learn more about our team members here.

“During middle and high school I wasn’t always confident in myself and would constantly compare myself to other girls both physically and mentally. All those thoughts and feeling would change as soon as I put on my cleats, sneakers or skates. There is something so powerful that happens when you physically challenge your body. Today as I work in a field dominated by men, I am not afraid to speak up in a meeting just because I am a woman; I feel confident in my abilities and I credit that to the confidence sports and running gave me. All girls deserve to feel confident and powerful, that’s why I am running for GOTR!”

You can still help! Click here to support Brittany and GOTR.

Founded in 1996 with 13 girls, Girls on the Run has served nearly one and a half million girls. The program is highly effective at driving transformative and lasting change in girls’ lives. Girls on the Run’s intentional curriculum places an emphasis on developing competence, confidence, connection, character, caring, and contribution in young girls through lessons that incorporate running and other physical activities.