Dixwell Plaza Redevelopment

Office Dixwell Rendering

New Haven, CT

DREAM Collaborative and Stull + Lee have been engaged to develop and test conceptual programming and planning scenarios for Dixwell Plaza, which has led to the delivery of a master plan. This redevelopment seeks to revitalize a key piece of a historic center of African-American economic, cultural, and religious life in New Haven.

Overall, the project will engage the neighborhood’s pride, history, industry, and talents to transform this historic center. Dixwell Plaza Redevelopment will support local enterprises and community needs by creating a flexible center that will create a wide job mix, from retail to highly skilled positions.

Dixwell Plaza is a 7.5 acre site that can support over 380,000 sf of development for ConnCORP, who plans to use the location as their new corporate headquarters. The Plaza will also be the home to ConnCAT, their umbrella nonprofit, who will further its mission of inspiring creativity and personal development by hosting youth and adult entrepreneurial and culinary arts programs.

Client: RJ Development + Advisors, ConnCORP, LLC