Smith Baker Center

Lowell, Massachusetts – The Smith Baker Center is an existing 23,500 sf historic building in downtown Lowell currently in hosting arts, entertainment, performance and other uses.  The Coalition for a Better Acre (CBA) is proposing to redevelop the building into a mixed-use community center to serve as a much needed amenity in the neighborhood and will celebrate local icons such as Jack Kerouac and foster partnerships with community leaders such as the University of Massachusetts to create innovative programming for the building. The Smith Baker Center was formally known as the First Congregation Church which opened in 1884. DREAM Collaborative was hired by CBA to lead the team that has evaluated the existing conditions of the building and will restore the exterior and most of the interior of the building with a new design on the ground floor that will serve local businesses and non-profits.

Client:  Coalition for a Better Acre

Service:  Architecture, Interior Architecture, Historic Preservation